Your Paula Rosa Manhattan kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is in constant use and you therefore need to give it care and attention to maintain its appearance and lifespan.

We have given you some tips and suggestions for cleaning and preserving surfaces and other units. Please contact us at any time if you have any queries or, indeed, if you wish to install additional or replacement units.

Door and drawer front finishes

Laminate, melamine, glass, lacquer and PVC/foil wrapped

Gently wipe over with cloth dampened with mild soapy water. Carefully buff dry with a microfibre cloth. All scouring pads and mild abrasive agents should be avoided.

Wood and veneer

Follow the procedure described above ensuring that all spillages are cleaned and dried immediately. Silicone based household furniture spray may also be used to enhance appearance. Solid wood and wood veneered doors can be further protected by finishing with a good quality household furniture polish.

Parapan & acrylic doors

We recommend the use of VuPlex for cleaning high gloss Parapan and acrylic doors. You should only clean high gloss Parapan and acrylic doors with a microfibre glass anti-scratch cloth and this should be done using a light circular motion. AVOID using any cleaning products which are, or contain: Alcohol based, Solvent based, Abrasive cleaners, Acetone, Petrol, pinewood or oils Glass cleaner. These chemicals will damage the high gloss acrylic surface.

Adjustment of hinges

Removal of hinges


To avoid irreparable damage to the worktop

Worktops should be maintained by cleaning with a damp cloth rinsed in warm soapy water. Persistent marks can be removed by using a mild detergent or NON-ABRASIVE cream cleaner.

Stains such as beetroot juice, concentrated fruit juices, red wine, dyes etc, should be wiped off immediately and the area rinsed and dried thoroughly.

To clean natural stone finishes (granite and marble), wipe over with soap and water, dry with clean cloth and buff. Do not use strong cleaners (e.g. bleach).

When using such items as detergent bottles, use a coaster to avoid ring marks. If you have a granite chopping board always place a towel underneath as the bottom surface is rough and will scratch.

Damage caused by any of the following is excluded from the guarantee:

Ensure that all cutting is carried out on a purpose made chopping board.
Do not place items straight from a hot oven or hob directly onto the worktop. Use a separate worktop cooling slab or ‘worktop saver’.
Do not place electric kettles, or other steam generating appliances, over worktop joints, or directly underneath wall units.
Always wipe up spillages immediately, paying particular attention to worktop joints and areas surrounding the sink and hob.

Glass Surfaces

The glass used in all Paula Rosa Manhattan products is toughened and conforms to BS 6206 Class A. The model range and date of manufacture can be found on the product information label located on the unit. This model range must be quoted in all correspondence. If a glass component is chipped or broken it must be replaced with the type of glass as described on the label.

Please consult the manufacturer, retailer or agent to obtain a manufacturing specification and shape for replacement glass, quoting the model number and date of manufacture.


We recommend that all cabinet surfaces be cleaned using a damp cloth rinsed in warm soapy water. To remove stubborn marks, gently rub with a mild detergent or nonabrasive cream cleaner.


Although worktops, cabinets and doors are edged or sealed to prevent damage from moisture ingress, excess liquid should always be removed immediately and the surfaces and edges left as clean and dry as possible.